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Super King Mattresses

Looking for a Super King Mattress? Learn everything there is to know about Sealy's range of Super King Mattresses.

Looking for a Super King Mattress?? Learn everything there is to know about Sealy's range of Super King Mattresses.

Sealy Super King Size Mattress

Sealy’s Super King size mattress dimensions are 2030mm wide x 2030mm long, offering a deluxe sleeping space for couples wholove to stretch out or who have little ones joining them in bed.

The primary difference between the King and Super King is the extra 19.5cm in width, meaning more space and comfort to spread out. Research shows that, for many people, the additional space means a more restful, undisturbed sleep..

2030mm x 2030mm

Sealy’s Super King’s are becoming a popular choice for busy couples who need to be able to sleep well every night and wake refreshed to meet the day’s challenges..

If you’ve got a bedroom with enough space to accommodate this size, a Sealy Super King bed is the ultimate sleeping experience. The mattress sits on two separate bases which minimises partner disturbance, making it ideal for shift workers, early risers and restless sleepers..

If you are looking for how to get the best night’s sleep, the combination of size and comfort that a super king bed mattress from Sealy provides guarantees you the best of both worlds. With ample space to stretch out, coupled with our patented compressed-cotton, posturepedic mattress design, once you experience super king you will never go back to any other size.

Think the size and comfort of a Sealy Super King size mattress is ideal for you? Visit your local Sealy retailer and try it out in-store for yourself. You’ll soon see why so many Australians choose Sealy..

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